Best Of July 2016

  1. Onion Dingbat
    Swiss Guard Charge Writhing Mass Of Black Tentacles Devouring Pope Francis
  2. Onion Dingbat
    ‘People Are Inherently Good,’ World Halfheartedly Mutters
  3. Onion Dingbat
    Obama Signs Conservation Act To Preserve Nation’s Last Remaining Area Of Common Ground
  4. Onion Dingbat
    Police Chief Says There Just A Few Bad, Deeply Ingrained Prejudices Giving All Cops A Bad Name
  5. Onion Dingbat
    World Leaders Pour Into Washington To Pay Last Respects To Dying Nation
  1. Onion Dingbat
    Dad’s Eyes Well Up At Sight Of Perfectly Packed Cooler
  2. Onion Dingbat
    Woman Who Doesn’t Use Facebook Completely Out Of Touch With Friends’ Prejudices
  3. Onion Dingbat
    Teen Had Absolutely No Say In Becoming Part Of Snapchat Generation
  4. Onion Dingbat
    Middle-Aged Couple Sick Of 31-Year-Old Son Always Trying To Set Them Up With Other Parents
  5. Onion Dingbat
    Man Always Gets Little Rush Out Of Telling People John Lennon Beat Wife
  1. Onion Dingbat
    Investigators: First 48 Hours Most Critical In Locating Missing Children Who Entered Portal To Fantastical World

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